Architettura Sonora


The new vision of Sound


Architects of sound

Architettura Sonora is a revolutionary designer, manufacturer and distributor of high performing audio solutions and outdoor acoustic experiences, with an increasing imprint in the indoor world.
Architettura Sonora’s portfolio is made up of a range of stunning loudspeakers, real acoustic pieces of art both in terms of design and performance, designed and engineered to reproduce sound in the most accurate way and to thrill emotions through breathtaking sound.

Sonic art pieces

Each AS sound module, individually and meticulously produced by skilled craftsmen, is a unique piece of sonic art highly distinguished by sound excellence, design innovation, and tactile features rarely associated with speaker design.

The natural shape of sound

Excellence made in Tuscany

Architettura Sonora developed something completely unique, entirely designed, developed and hand-built in Tuscany, Italy.
Invention and landscape, craftsmanship and materiality, from the Impruneta terracotta to the white marble from the Apuan Alps; from landscape to landscape… this is our way to achieve a special and spatial relationship with landscape.

Architettura Sonora

Applied Acoustics
Division of B&C Speakers

Via del Fornaccio, 44 – Vallina
50012 – Bagno a Ripoli (FI) – Italy

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