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High Performing audio solutions

Outstanding Sound

With 70 years experience in the speaker industry, Architettura Sonora is offering a range of high performing audio solutions that will suit any need, taking your audio experience to a whole new level, pleasing your eyes as much as your ears.

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Excellence Made In Italy

Architettura Sonora developed something completely unique, entirely designed, developed and hand-built in Tuscany, Italy.

Excellence Inside

Architettura Sonora, part of the B&C Speakers Group one of the largest and most prestigious professional transducer manufacturers in the world, designs and manufactures our entire product in-house to exacting standards of performance as well as fit and finishes. Every speaker is designed specifically for the needs of its respective sound module, a privilege that no competitor can claim. The transducer used in each of our product guarantees our excellent sound quality, allowing us to offer a truly high-fidelity experience.

High-fidelity en plain air

In outdoor, the acoustic experience resulting from Architettura Sonora’s approach to technology, design and materials is a real “high-fidelity en plein air”, creating the opportunity to listen to the finest possible sound in a non-invasive setting, since both the shapes than the materials make the sound modules disappear and blur into the landscape.