Architettura Sonora

Eden Beach Club

Palm Island, Dubai

An escape from the city within the city. A place to switch off. A destination to take you away from the rush. This is the EDEN Beach Club, located on the famous PalmIsland in Dubai, one of the most exclusive strip of land in the world.

Relaxate and recreate

Beautifully designed to reflect the architectural spirit of the Mediterranean, EDEN Beach Club combines an inspirational space with a compelling vibe that completely disconnect guests from the outside world; it is truly the definition of laid-back luxury,offering guests a combination of relaxation, recreation, and entertainment. During the day guests can take in the comfort of the poolside dotted with sun loungers and private cabanas, the serenity of the beach with its private bungalows and the indulgence of the restaurant, the bar and the beach bar.But the experience doesn’t end with the sunset. As the sun makes its way to the horizon and as the moon takes its place, EDEN Beach Club transitions into evenings that lose themselves in the upbeat tunes of the resident DJ, unique and exciting dinner shows and cocktails perfected by their talented mixologists.To create such a Paradise the Eden crew could rely on an Architettura Sonora’s sonic solution skillfully developed by our friends from 21dB, a system comprising terracotta Spheres_360 directly on the beach, Tall Cylinders in travertine in the bungalows and around the pool and suspended Snail modules to add a vertical dimension to the immersive sound space.


Eden Beach Club

Palm Island, Dubai, UAE

2350 mq


n° 27 ( 14 x Sphere 360, 10 x Cylinder, 3 x Snail)

"EDEN Beach Club combines an inspirational space with a compelling vibe"