Architects of sound

Born with a mission “To get the best possible sound from the best looking speakers”, Architettura Sonora consists of a creative team of acousticians, engineers, architects and landscape designers sharing the same enthusiastic vision to redesign the reality of space and landscape through an immersive sound experience.
Launched in 2009 as a division of the B&C Speakers Group, one of the largest and most prestigious professional loudspeaker transducer manufacturers in the world, Architettura Sonora – AS – is a unique audio brand that has become in no time a pioneer in the sonic industry. Combining unparalleled expertise in design and innovation with the long-standing Italian forte, AS is a revolutionary designer of high-performing audio solutions and outdoor acoustic experiences, with an increasing imprint in the indoor world.


Researchers and Developers

Relying on a highly-proficient team of researchers and developers, we shape technology to create the most beautiful and seductive forms of environmental loudspeakers that we like to consider real “spatial instruments”. Each one of our speaker is the result of a meticulous “dialogue” between form and function, physics of sound and design aesthetics. We start by a combination of desired reflection and sound projection with an aim to optimize the acoustic experience through a perfect marriage of shape and sound. The next step involves an evolutionary process of distillation that aims at eliminating any feature unnecessary to the sound diffuser, to arrive to the final natural shape of sound, design driven innovation inspired by Nature. The orchestration of different AS speakers vary ingin shape, directionality and material, recreates a natural pattern of sound enveloping the listener in a mesmerizing multi-sensory experience and transporting him in a journey of well-being and pleasure. Each AS loudspeaker, individually and meticulously produced by skilled craftsmen, is a unique piece of art highly distinguished by sound quality, design innovation, and tactile features rarely associated with speaker design.


Outstanding Sound

Architettura Sonora offers a wide range of professional audio solutions that meet the most varied demands, both in terms of acoustics and aesthetics. The AS speakers have been specifically conceived and designed to “sonorize” all environments, even those apparently most problematic. By combining speakers with omnidirectional and directional emission, AS can transform a simple environment into an amazing sound experience. The extreme care in all designs makes the AS loudspeakers easy and natural to place, satisfying the most special requests, for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Being Architettura Sonora a division of the B&C Speakers Group, all transducers used in AS loudspeakers are specifically designed and manufactured by B&C, one of the largest and most prestigious world manufacturers of professional transducers that has been involved in the Pro-audio world for more than 70 years. Around this high-quality technological core, Architettura Sonora has skillfully built extraordinary products not only from the acoustic point of view, but also in terms of design, elegance and finishing, ensuring at 360° the sonic excellence that characterizes the products of the head company. Our full-range dual concentric coaxial transducers feature a horn loaded Mylar diaphragm compression driver with sophisticated phasing plug, and a longexcursion woofer utilizing a triple-point suspension for maximum linearity and durability. These ideal point-source transducers are characterized by high efficiency and very low distortion. Our professional audio pedigree translates to full bass, uncompromised midrange, and transparent highs even at elevated sound pressure levels. A custom bi-wire internal passive crossover matches each transducer to the enclosure, and to your amplifier of choice.

AS speakers are suitable for any kind of environment, but is in the outdoor experience that express their fullest potentials, where they can adapt with ease to the environment reproducing a real “High Fidelity en plein air”. High Fidelity which is reflected on their high reliability. In fact, an accurate design combined to a constant technological and material research, followed by a long and thorough testing and certification phase in critical environments, make Architettura Sonora the ideal partner for any application in any atmospheric condition.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that quality procedures and controls mark all stages of production of an Architettura Sonora’s loudspeaker, from checking each component bought-in by suppliers to rigorous tests at every stage of our own production line and a final test of every finished assembled speaker enclosures.
If you need some information on Architettura Sonora diffusers, easily refer to our technicians: technical@architetturasonora.com