11 Aug 17

AS new Catalogue – Summer 2017

Architettura Sonora has just released an update of the current 2017 product catalogue.
In this issue, AS is officially introducing for the first time 3 new products:


Cubino is a model made exclusively in (4 different) concrete finishes, featuring a pure form and mass: a 300x300x300mm cube, smaller in size and weight than the classic AS Cube model.
With its 30 Kg and its cubic shape, Cubino satisfies the demand for a clean and discreet design without compromising the acoustic quality.
The 6-inch dual-concentric coaxial offers a wide frequency response in the Full Range version, while the 6-inch woofer allows for a warm subwoofer

Cube 2LV is a new model providing a very powerful passive subwoofer for those installations where the sound pressure is very high. The 12-inch subwoofer used (hence the name 2LV) in fact reaches “clubbing” performances of great pressure in both indoor and outdoor environments. It recommends the use of an amplifier stage according to technical specifications (min. 500 – class D).

Medousê, from ancient greek μέδω, medo, “to protect”, is an innovative sonic lamp designed in collaboration by Catellani&Smith and Architettura Sonora. Composed of two overlapping glass hemispheres, when switched off, the lamp is green, perfectly blurring in the surrounding landscape; when switched on, it turns white, standing as a protector and guardian of the natural world, a “Tutelar light” of landscape. The omnidirectional sound emission spreading from the refined vitreous body through the raised base creates a magic alchemy of Light and Sound, making Medousê a striking and pioneering piece of technology and design, perfectly in line with Architettura Sonora and Catellani&Smith emotional approach to space and landscape.

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