Outstanding clarity

The travertine stone used around the mansion is also used for the sound modules establishing a connection with the materiality of the house (Cubes and Spheres), while Cylinders are in black granite, so to disappear in the shadows of the shrubs and plants, turning the solid material into an ephemeral element that dissolves into nature.

In the main part of the garden, 3 carbon-fiber Pergola speakers and 2 travertine Cubes help creating an outstanding clarity and level of sound underneath the overhanging pergola, supported by Tall Cylinders, Sphere 470 in Travertine and Small Drops all in synergy creating a truly multidimensional and amazing sound environment.

In each project landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic seeks to capture the essence of the place and the spirit of the surrounding landscape; embracing the five senses as the means to reach the soul, every space and every garden are imbued with a sense of delicate and ephemeral grace that makes them timeless. The ephemeral and the eternal are both essential to his composition of spaces: shadows, light, petals, leaves, sound, water in motion are complemented by the solidity and purity of created forms.