23 Dec 19

Discover ICARUS

The 70 years of experience in R&D led ARCHITETTURA SONORA to create the ICARUS FAMILY from scratch, offering you unparalleled performance in an refined design and stylish materials, a new paradigm of sound that is setting a milestone in home pro-audio.
The ICARUS family of products has been conceived to provide a global acoustic solution: the clean lines, the customizable and premium finishes, the modularity and the use of the most durable and resistant materials make this family of products very versatile and reliable to satisfy any acoustics and design requirement without compromising sound quality both indoor and outdoor.
Icarus was born from the desire to offer an acoustic solution capable to satisfy the need to direct sound towards specific areas and to control its emissions, thus avoiding disturbing close areas.
It is from this principle that the concept of “alternative solution” to the ominidirectional emission (360 °) is born.
This “complementary” solution refers to the possibility of integrating omnidirectional elements placed at the center of a garden o a building that includes directive elements (Icarus) on the borders, facing the desired listening point.
Icarus was designed with clean and elegant shapes, making it suitable for any environment. The attention to detail is typical of AS: meticulous and uncompromising.
All models of the Icarus family are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments (with obvious precautions for very critical environments).


Icarus family models provide directive irradiation; therefore, if translated into the world of lighting, it’s comparable to a spotlight. Thanks to the use of the adjustable “double-sound spotlight” (hereafter named “double-satellite”), the
acoustic coverage angle can be adjusted to the needs, adapting from rather extensive (almost 140°) to small
(70°) coverages. Finishes are the classic ones of the entire AS range: concrete and marble, that give uniqueness and
elegance, combined with metallic finishes in 304 and 316L stainless steel.

The Icarus line has been structured around a “Master” element, namely the Icarus Stand Alone: a complete speaker that can operate independently, offering an incredibly powerful performance both Indoors and Outdoors.
The other models making up the Icarus family are all parts of a modular solution to be properly planned, according to the needs and the type of each installation (as if they were lighting elements).
Wall and/or ceiling solutions have been designed, with single or double satellite, with their own stand for both indoor and outdoor use.
All aiming to meet the most complex and unique installation requirements.

Never forgetting that – thanks to the use of the speakers of our parent company, B&C Speakers – the acoustic power developed by our loudspeakers is suitable to enjoy all the clarity and power of Sound at high volume, essential for a party by the pool, or in a reception held on a terrace and all those events where a professional rental system would be needed.

To learn more, go on our Products section and discover the potential that the Icarus sound system can offer.

“All limits are self imposed”

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