25 Oct 16

Discover Spherina

The Spherina family, the new spherical omnidirectional speaker collection, goes back to the roots of Architettura Sonora’s, the Sphere, an iconic image of High-End speakers, reworking and redesigning the shape into a new context, using new materials and refined details.

The result is a timeless and advanced speaker, combining high-end designs and meticulous aesthetics; its clean and essential look establishes a stimulating contrast with the rough and contemporary concrete used for the body and deflector.

The Spherina can be placed floor-standing or hanging from the ceiling, providing a clear 360 degrees surround sound. Available in three concrete finishes: Gray (raw and porous), Black (polished and waxed) and White (smooth and silky).

The Spherina_Air is an omnidirectional directional loudspeaker characterized by a dual concentric 6″ transducer with coaxial (mid-woofer and tweeter) to create a virtual point source, linear and time coherent, providing a uniform omnidirectional coverage over the vertical axis

Spherina_Floor is a loudspeaker featuring a dual-concentric 6″ transducer, where the mid-woofer and the tweeter share the same axis, to achieve a virtually punctiform source, linear and time coherent, which, combined with the deflection system, ensures an ideal omnidirectional emission. The result is a very natural sound, not constrained to any fixed and obligated listening positions, with an amazing quality and clarity unusual in outdoor environments.

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