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Alma Mater

“ALMA MATER by Yuval Avital in dialogue with THE THIRD PARADISE by Pistoletto”, is a strongly sensory work, a 1200 sqm allegorical scene in between installation and performance, establishing a dialogue and creating an extraordinary bond among creative excellences: from Avital’s icono-sonic universe to Pistoletto’s artistic symbolism; from the graceful gestures of legendary étoiles of the Teatro La Scala Theatre, such as Liliana Cosi and Carla Fracci to the site-specific sonic creations specifically designed by Architettura Sonora and light installations created by Enzo Catellani from Catellani&Smith. Clearly recognizable strong identities coming together in a visionary artistic unicum inspired to the archetype of the nursing mother, taking the visitors through an intense and poetic journey of discovery.

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