6 Ott 16


Zaha Hadid’s living forms at the Fonderia Napoleonica have inspired Architettura Sonora to design a site specific sound space, conceived and dedicated to the presence of the Hadid’s new seating collections and to their peculiar attitude to inhabit, mediate and transfigure any human habitat into an pure aesthetic and multi-perspective experience.

A.S.’ goal has been to translate their presence into a “dedicated soundscape”, structurally and sonically: an immersive sound space design, characterized by the combination of vertical and omnidirectional electroacoustic diffusions.

The sonic elements were chosen from the A.S. collection to perfectly fit the installation, being materially coherent and almost fading into the existing structure in order to enhance the architectural space and free its vivid human and formal relational power.

Framing the “time of experience” deeply inside the spatial design, thanks to the full integration of a wide definition of music and a highly free and multi-functional architectural action.

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