Architettura Sonora

Icarus MultiGround

ICARUS_MULTIGROUND is the element created for outdoor installations and it can be placed directly in the ground. Thanks to its special stand (with a special stabilizing plate),
ICARUS_MULTIGROUND can be positioned very easily in the grass or between hedges.

The entire MULTI category requires subwoofer support (the ICARUS SUB is recommended, but any sub in the AS range would work).

Wide Band Sound Output

  • Speaker type
    2 x 2” Wide Band
  • Nominal impedance
  • Crossover
    DSP needed
  • Frequency range
    150-20.000Hz (-6dB)
  • Sensitivity (1W-1m)
    83 dB/W/
  • Speaker Peak Power
  • Speaker RMS Power
  • Recommended Amplifier Power
    50W (Class D)



  • Alternative Stones
  • Carrara Stone
    White Marble.
  • Classic Travertine
  • Concrete Black
    Polished, waxed
  • Concrete Gray
    Raw, porous.
  • Concrete Red
    Raw, porous.
  • Concrete White
    Smooth, silky.
  • Marquina Stone
    Black Marble.
  • Walnut Travertine

Base material

  • Marine Grade and Polished 316L Stainless Steel
  • Oxidized Brass
  • Steel 304 MATT BLACK painted
  • Steel 304 Polished
  • Steel 304 SATIN finished
  • Dimensions
    90cm H (74.50 cm + 15.50 under ground) x 15 cm W
  • Weight
    9 Kg
  • Design
    Giulia Archimede