30 Jan 18

Spherina Shine Line

Let us introduce the elegant new SHINE LINE Special Edition, designed to enhance the uniqueness of Spherina Air and Spherina Floor speakers through the ancient “Gilding” technique, an ornamental decoration method, largely widespread in medieval art and architecture, to embellish an object through the application of a very thin layer of gold, called “gold leaf”.
Since ancient times, gilding techniques have been based mainly one of the main characteristics of Gold: malleability, the ability to be reduced into thin layers (from the Latin “malleum”, the hammer). In Byzantine and Renaissance art, the gold leaf was used in paintings on wooden boards, to enhance the visual effect of the saints’ halos, or the glare of the sun: the gold corrosion resistance allowed these tables to get to the present day with unchanged splendor.

Architettura Sonora offers three different kinds of Gilding (in Gold, Copper and Silver leaf) and the Spherina will be realized in two possible types: a predefined version in a single Gilding finisfhing, and a customized one which gives the customer the opportunity to choose among the various finishes of both the Shine Line and all Concretes and to combine them together in the most desired way.

Spherina Air Shine Line concrete speakers - Archietttura Sonora

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